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Friendship Friday!

Hello dear friends in Blogland. How are you doing?
I am pleased to be here for Friendship Friday

I've had a great week and have well and truly settled back into my Asian life 
where I am enjoying making new friends both locally and in here in the blogosphere.

I've had fun, I have joined a new group - the American Women's Club of Thailand.

Why the American's when you're a British Aussie? You may well ask. Well firstly they take anyone, these Expat women's groups really are not that fussy!

Well, except for the ANZWG Group where you need to be closely associated with Australia and New Zealand. I am, I have the passport and I have a family, home and of course an Aussie Crazy Poodle Down Under and I miss my Melbourne life terribly,  but my life in Thailand is more about meeting women from around the globe.

I have always had lots of American friends, I chat with many Americans via my blog...

... anyway they let this little bird in and she's chirpy about that!

Making friends Bangkok style - Birds in Lumpini Park, Bangkok
The next exciting thing that happened is that we signed a new lease, and we are finally moving within Bangkok. I am beyond ecstatic to be moving out of the what I have not-so-lovingly referred to as, please pardon the expression, our 'sh*thole' apartment.

The Americans all laugh at me saying that...

Perhaps it is a nervous laugh a sort of 'Oh my, have we really let this woman into our nice club?' Or maybe it is, because they always say 'I love your accent' and that anything said with my BritAus speak, sounds 'quaint'. 

I have a kitchen in the new pad, I have an oven, it has hot water in the kitchen sink,
I really am hoping it has a sink that drains the water but the later is a minor bonus... 
You have no idea how thrilling all these things are.
Things that I have always sadly taken for granted until I arrived in Bangkok!

  There is even a dishwasher out the back there.
 I swear to God, I never asked for a dishwasher, never needed a dishwasher, 
and I promise I won't fill it up with just one mug and plate and press start, just because I can. 
Well, not every day.

New friends ✔️✔️✔️✔️, 
New place to live ✔️✔️✔️✔️
now I'm working on a new bod(y)!

The obvious thing to do would be to head down to the little booths along the street, that offer all sort of cosmetic improvements, teeth whitening and tightening unimaginable parts of the anatomy. Thai life is a real eye-opener! But I'm a wimp, I'm doing it the old-fashioned way, in the gym.

I've become quite a gym bunny. For the first time ever I've added some strength training into my life... Who else does strength training? It's addictive!
Thailand Spirit House - Road to Changi, Singapore - Lantern festival, Malaysia
Its been a good week, I trained in 
Bangkok on Monday, 
Singapore on Wednesday 
and I've just completed a workout in Malaysia on Friday. 
How's that for impressive? 

Then Jetstar retimed our flight to Kuala Lumpur. When did retiming flights slip into the vocabulary of frequent flyers? Call me old-fashioned but a 2-hour delay is a two-hour delay. It is not my choice to "re-time" my flight to 10pm at night, you are late mate!

Anyway, it wasn't all bad so I won't grumble too much. We did manage to join our Aussie friends in the Qantas lounge. Now that's one Aussie Club I'm very, very happy to be welcomed into. Champagne and a hedgehog slice anyone? 

I feel like I have a lot to celebrate this week, so don't mind if I do!


Cheers my dears!
I have been working hard on my new travel blog 
where you can find posts on my recent wanders in India:

I'd love to see you there.
In the meantime have a great weekend.

Linking with thanks to all at Our World Tuesday and Friendship Friday


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