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Seeking Mr Right in Nha Trang, Vietnam

We ended up in Nha Trang, Vietnam entirely on a 'that looks nice' decision looking at the Luxury Escapes website. Outside of Australia, you may not know Luxury Escapes. It’s an Australian company offering affordable luxury in high-end hotels usually in destinations which need their profile building.

I barely knew of the coastal resort of Nha Trang 
despite it being known as the Riviera of the South China Sea.

It’s a part of South Vietnam that is about to explode as a destination judging by the mass of property development. It has a very pretty six-kilometre stretch of white sandy beaches, with abundant marine life, in a huge bay with nineteen islands to explore and a mountainous backdrop. 

It is well discovered amongst Russians and the Chinese but our circle of friends we less impressed, preferring Da Nang or the more historic Hanoi.  So it was with slight trepidation that we arrive a Nha Trang, a one hour flight from Ho Chi Ming City. We could see immediately the Russian influence as the first tour brochure we see is written in Russian. 

Goodo! It's time for Mr Wren to brush up on his schoolboy Russian 
in advance of our trip to the World Cup Soccer next year! 

Moi, the only Russian I know is Saransk - that well known holiday spot, not. It's where we have tickets for to watch Denmark Vs Peru play football next June 2018... A long story. I have written about it in my blog post From Russia With Love if you are intrigued to know more! 

Our resort was about 20kms out of Nha Trang, on the aptly named Long Beach and idyllically picturesque as you can see from the photos. It was pouring with rain when we arrived and pleasantly cool after Bangkok’s oppressive humidity. Happy days. 

We arrive to be told we are sharing the resort with a German film crew and no, they are not filming Survivor. It was all terribly hush-hush so I won't spill the beans except to say that the last three girls were in another resort. 

I spent my entire time looking for Mr Right, saying to Mr Wren "do you think that's him?!" or "I think I just saw him, he's gorgeous!"

Having said that, The Anan resort does tend to attract lots of beautiful people... so it was quite tricky to spot ‘the one’! Except that you could easily rule out most Aussies on our Luxury Escapes breaks, I speak for ourselves when I say we're never the most stylish. 

Unlike the Russians, they are Lavish with a capital L. Wow those women have legs that go up all the way to the International Space Station.  Happily for me, often they were accompanied by men with big beer bellies, or maybe we're talking vodka? Anyway, the Russian men (this is an unfair generalisation I know, but for the point of my story, bear with me) were, let's just say were unlikely to be the one wandering around with a single red rose, looking for the woman of their dreams. 

But I was trying to meet Russians. I was on a ‘let's meet some Russians from Saransk kick!’ 

'Anyone from Saransk?' I kept wanting to ask? 
 Or 'Anyone heard of Saransk?' 
Or finally in desperation '... Should I even be going to Saransk?!'

Our hotel is wonderfully cosmopolitan, I love seeing what others do on holiday! Let me tell you about the Chinese who come to breakfast in their bathrobes.  The Anan is all about kick off your shoes and relax and who doesn't love to wear their hotel bathrobes on holiday? Actually, this hotel was so lux, there were two bathrobes in the wardrobe. One for the bathroom and one for wearing out and about. I kid you not. That's what I call really posh. 

So back to the Germans. We are completely surrounded by German TV Production crew it's so exciting, and it's like the world's worst kept secret what they are doing. We keep getting vague messages under the door at night

Due to production filming, we regret to inform you the Spa will be closed tomorrow!’

Due to production filming, the Germans have taken over the entire South China Sea 
and beach front on Sunday…
Noooo they didn't say exactly this, but they were filming down by the beach!

I tell you, these girls are going to have a lovely visit even if they don't go home with Mr Right. This is some beach.

And the rest of us? 
Well, we didn't really mind, it was all in the name of love,  
and after all, there is always the pool. which I think you'll agree was none too shabby

Did I find my Mr or Mrs Saransk? Did I never. Really I can only hope that the entire population of Saransk is staying home to prepare to the excitable masses of Danish and Peruvian fans, and us, about to descend on their city!


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