Sunday, 26 February 2017

Two old bears living it up in Bangkok!

Well here we are at the end of our second week living in Bangkok...

1. Barely in Bangkok: We've found somewhere to live! At the moment we're living it up in a serviced apartment. This picture sums up our current life: two bears alone in Bangkok. The bears were given to us at a Valentines Day dinner and the flowers are in an old Perrier bottle as all our worldly Bangkok-bound goods, with the odd vase or two, are currently bobbing around on the high seas between Melbourne and Bangkok. The place is quite spartan as you can see, but we do have the luxury of having our beds made up each day!

From next week now I'm all sorted we start travelling, watch this space!

2. Bird in Paradise: I spotted the birds of paradise flowers in our local market, and of course Little Wren aka bird in paradise or so I keep reminding myself had to have them. There was a conversation that started with 'not for sale'...The flower lady refused to sell them to me, as she said 'no good, not fresh'. She gave them to me and has now become my flower lady for life. The people here have been absolutely gorgeous. For the most part living up to their land of smiles reputation.

3. Our new nest! After the dramas of apartment hunting with relocation agents before Christmas, I decided to go it alone and see what I could find. I have walked my rocks off in our local area, door knocking on any apartment block which looked nice but without an agent, it is not that easy. First, you need to make it past security and then it's pot luck with the reception staff - there were definitely moments when I felt I didn't live up to their resident profile in some establishments ...

I clearly look too much of a sweaty betty, hair doing it's own thing in the humidity and I have this very swish Lululemon sleeveless sports top which has a mesh midriff, which I thought would be nice and cool, but clearly I'm looking more Pretty Woman than pretty much exactly who they want to rent a place too!

But in one place I got a lovely warm welcome and was shown an apartment which will do just fine. The first thing I do when apartment hunting is go straight to the window, and as long as long as it had a nice outlook, and I didn't feel trapped in a concrete jungle, then I would start investigating further! So now we will be neighbours with the American Ambassador - well he's got a humongous place, we've got a small nest high up above the trees. But there is an elephant by the pool & I can hear the little birds sing. Perfect!

4. Chatuchak market - last weekend we headed to one of Bangkok's best-known market, it is the biggest in Thailand. It's hot, grubby and you need to have a load of stamina for this great shopping adventure! We somehow seemed to start in the animal section and then progress to the massage oil section so I am looking forward to returning to see other areas and I have my eye on some big ceramic planters as I want to fill our home with orchids!

5. She died serving peas at Sunday lunch!  After a morning tackling only a fraction of the 8000 market stalls I needed some calm! We ended up at the Siam Kempinski for an afternoon pot of tea for two. The music was lovely and I happened to remark to my dear Mr Wren that my Grandmother was a great pianist! Of course I get ribbed mercilessly for such comments... so what did your grandma do I asked? Where do you go after the reply 'she died serving peas at Sunday Lunch?!'

On that note time to finish up. I hope you all had a good week and hopefully next week I'll be able to visit you all!

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