Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The sign of the times Myanmar

All the signs are, that Myanmar is going to be a wonderful holiday. It's an exotic destination full of interest and incredible experiences. Although as we find, amidst a whole host of best Exotic Marigold Hotel moments, the Burma that was, is far from being an adventurous family holiday place. No! Burma nowadays is full of retirees, ticking off another bucket list dream.

The times there are a changing - Myanmar Times, Yangon
It's early days. We've only been here three days, but I can already tell it's going to be a cracker of a family holiday. With Daughter Number One not returning with us to Australia, and her British boyfriend accompanying us, we move in a six pack here, maybe for one last time. I'm a proud Mother Wren, having all our Wrenlet's in the same nest, at least for the next two weeks.

We've already experienced lots of 'I can't believe I just saw that' moments. Stick around, there's actually an escalator inside Myanmar's greatest temple, not to mention the wow moment at the top, as we enter the Shewedagon Padoga in all it's golden glory... 

Shewadagon Pagoda, Yangon
We have a bumpy rickshaw ride to a remote Hindu festival, where we are surrounded by a festive and bustling chaos; locals offer us the best seats for the walking on hot coals ceremony while demanding money from our indignant Buddhist guide, at the same time a broken legged dog snarls at our feet as he tries valiantly to fend off the friendly advances of a bigger dog. Amongst all of this, we then have our biggest gob smacked moment ever...

Rickshaw ride in Yangon
Around the corner comes a bare chested man pulling coconuts on ropes behind him attached to his body by hooks piercing his skin on his back. We're not exactly sure what we are witnessing, is it religious bravery or torture? We have an interesting discussion with someone saying "it's only physical pain." I may have added that my friends who do Tony Robbins do walk on fire, but remind me? When in the blink of an eye did they grow up? Or perhaps the kids are right and who am I to judge? Although I'm pretty sure, coconut man is possibly not the image for the Myanmar tourist brochures, so let me show you this below instead...

Hindu festival celebration
Today we have been cycling around some of the ten thousand temples and stupas in Bagan. This whole holiday so far feels a bit like we are on a movie set! I can't wait to show you some more incredible sights, but for now the internet is dodgy and tomorrow beckons. Sleep well!

Bagan - land of ten thousand temples
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