Saturday, 6 June 2015

Courtside at Roland-Garros!

French Open, Paris 2015

It might seem strange to say, being from Melbourne, Australia, 
but I just reckon Roland-Garros could be my favourite Grand Slam. 

Look at me, I'm a long way from home!
Of course it won’t be possible to say with any complete certainty, 
until I have had the pleasure of attending all four… 

That was the challenge that Irina Falconi, 
professional tennis player and family friend, 
threw out to me this week, and I rather like it! 

If Mr Wren is reading this blog, he may think otherwise, 
given I have been doing a lot of ‘galavanting’ recently, 
but it’s a great thought for the bucket list!

TV cameras on Suzanne Lenglen court
I never thought I’d be able to attend Roland-Garros, 
let alone sit in some of the best seats in the house.
Look at me, with the same view as you are getting on your TV screens. 
Woo hoo!

Or how about the time I sat courtside amongst the Ball Boys?
Talk about being in amongst all the action!

Of course we had some very special matches to watch...

Especially those cheering Mademoiselle Falconi into the Third Round.

 I have been literally pinching myself all week 
as I wandered round as Irina’s guest at Roland-Garros. 

Irina Falconi enjoys her best Roland Garros yet
I’m not the typical person behind the scenes, 
certainly I’m no athlete, or nor the average Tennis "Mum", 
I decided my handbag had to go after Day One… 

I've had the joy and pleasure of seeing all the big names...

Crazy Soccer Mum in tennis mode supporting Tsonga!
I literally stumbled upon Federer in the flower beds, 
as seen here at the bottom of the massive match results board.

Nadal's name appeared out of nowhere on the wall in front of me
behind some unravelling arty tennis racquet
at the Roland-Garros museum. 
I did wondered whether this was a sign of things to come?
And maybe it was.

I've seen all the top names!
Ha Ha I'm only joking 
I did get to see both Federer and Nadal play some great matches 
and had several 'don't look now, here comes Federer' moments.
Pinch, pinch, pinch!

Nadal serves on Phillipe Chatrier court
You'll be glad to know that Melbourne Mum was on her best behaviour
and not leaping out of nowhere asking for a selfie
...unlike some!

Photo credit: M de Vries-Wiering Roger Federer on the practice courts
Wow what an amazing week,
Thank you Irina!
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