Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Random, right and really spooky

Beautiful connections made 
through my ‘Grow Your Blog’ giveaway!

Hello - sorry to go AWOL* on you. 
I’m in England and I can’t wait to show you! 
She’s is looking good, 
dressed in a blaze of golden daffodils 
and people saying: 

“Aren’t you the lucky one? 
The weather’s so loverly since you arrived’ 

But right now before I do this, I have a BIG announcement to make…

In January, I joined Grow Your Blog Hop,’ the brainchild of Vicki at 2 Bags Full to put bloggers in touch with each other. One suggestion was to offer a giveaway, chosen from those who visit and leave a comment. About half the blogs did this.

I was tempted, there were some amazing prizes on offer… Then it came to me…

‘Be different Wren! 
Do a giveaway, but shush! 
Don’t tell anyone…’

Photo credit - Another Deep Day
This way anyone who comments on my GYB post, was visiting because they wanted to, not because they were chasing my million dollar prize - ha ha, in my dreams, but you get my drift.

I was just trying to figure out the random number generator that bloggers use to allocate such prizes, when the answer came to me - in one of those

Life’s brilliant moments…

Hello Wren,
Thanks for getting back to me - and for visiting my blog :)
Do you still need my mailing address for the giveway?
If so, here 'tis!
Lovely to find you and your blog :)
Midweek blessings, 

Well perfect I thought, here’s my winner! I quickly scribbled back...

Hi Claire
It’s your lucky day!  
I don’t have a giveaway, however as you asked so nicely :) 
I would love to send you a little surprise 
I am just about to head over to the UK and it will be really easy to post - LOL !!!

Photo Credit: Another Deep Day

I pressed SEND with a smile, suspecting how Claire was going to feel. 
It’s the little wicked in me… In a flash from the other side of the world this came back:

Oh my, 
Wren, I am so sorry! 
I get so confused on google+ 
and it was actually Heidi's giveaway I won.
I am so sorry, and wouldn't presume to ask for a gift 
- I'm mortified to be honest!!
With love and deep apologies, Claire x

Oh gosh Claire, I was hoping that she’d get my impish sense of humour? I loved getting to know her through her Another Deep Day blog.  Claire's impeccable manners, her desire to live each day deeply, and of course being a lifelong Liverpool FC fan, made her a worthy and courageous winner.

Hi Claire, please don’t apologise, 
I guessed that had happened!
 You gave me such a giggle and oh my, what a great idea,
 I thought I might try it myself…
  Perhaps you could do the same with the Premium Bonds 
and the National Lottery?
I wanted to offer a giveaway to one of my readers who I made a connection with… 
And voila! There you were. 
Don’t you just love blogging?
Spooky (as Dame Edna would say!)
Have a lovely day
Wren x

Bless you for being so sweet and gracious! 
But it will take me a while to not feel mortified...
You're right, though, the tinternet (as Peter Kay calls it!) can be spooky... 
the whole randomness - yet often rightness
of the connections we make...
It really is lovely to 'meet' you and I hope you have a fab trip :)
Claire x

Right, now the hard bit... what to send Claire? I decided in the end to send a 'Taste of Australia'. The Giveaway is below as is Claire’s response on her blog. 

Thank you to Claire for allowing me to tell the story and to use your photos.

Photo credit; Another Deep Day

This has to be one of the nicest parts of blogging, the beautiful connections along the way!

Please visit Claire at Another Deep Day and tell her a little bird told you to come. Here is Claire's post on receiving her giveaways (yes she won three!!) She’d love to see you! 

Have you made some spooky connections through the blogoverse? 

Photo credit: Another Deep Day
I have a question for you. 
I am going to be in New York next month 
and would love to meet up with a couple of New York bloggers that I follow. 
My kids say “No way, you can’t do that Mum”
Would you invite fellow bloggers to meet you 
in a public cafe, for a cuppa ?
Would that be fun and exciting to follow up on the connections
Or just random and inappropriate?

Let me know if you think it’s right?!

Thank you in advance for your comments 
If you are not on Google+ or wish to send me a private message 
you can always contact me
via my e-mail link on the sidebar 

Have a lovely week
* AWOL - Absent Without Official Leave

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