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Our bare and wilted 2013 Aussie Christmas Tree

A very nice Argentinian fellow blogger who now lives in Canada, asked for a picture of our Aussie Christmas tree for his 'Christmas around the world post. 

An Aussie Christmas - surfing and seafoodMoi
Oh dear I thought. 
He, or we are going to regret this... 

We are not a good example of an Australian Christmas, 
but may score highly on taking the relaxed approach to Chrissy...

The Tree...

Well anyone who knows us well, will know that I am still bereft of half our Christmas decorations, on account of the Australian Government Customs and Excise (Border Protection, as it's now known) impounding them as illegal imports.

We lost most of our European Christmas tree decorations on arrival... Made in China was OK!
Yes, it's true! They refused almost anything that said 'Christmas' on the box as a threat to national security. Anyone who is planning on moving to Australia in the foreseeable future, here's some advice. You're better off writing 'explosives' or 'Mummy's cocaine stash', on the carton, than the Ch word. I can tell you the jingle bell alarm rings big time, to any mention of Christmas. 

All the kids beautiful hand crafted Christmas gifts from Europe - binned for the crime of including a pine cone. 

Our tree decorations are a wonderful eclectic memory of people and places we have known
The wooden stable nativity scene with moss on the roof and a hundred different wooden characters kings, donkeys and a baby Jesus. That's right, a baby! Jettisoned into incineration...

And the artificial Christmas tree - poof! Disappeared in a flash. 

One of the rare remaining kids decorations - the clothes peg reindeer!
I reckon our old tree looks lovely in some Australian Government Office somewhere. What are they? Santa's Little Helpers? Look forgive my rant and rave, but clearly the hurt runs deep. I have not really forgiven them for any of this... 

Although there is a slight concern that I may be being a bit harsh. I do suspect my DH, never a lover of as he calls them 'plastic' Christmas trees, who hated my Aussie no sneezing, no wilting but very nice never-the-less artificial 'save the environment' tree, may have done a deal... Collusion and collaboration at the highest level:
'Take the gorgeous Christmas tree for your office and while you're at it help yourself to a couple of bottles of nice Beaujolais in carton number 62 and just let my golf clubs through. Sorry about the mud, got caught short on the fourteenth hole..."
A massive tree arrived at our place this year!
We're often away for Christmas and for the past two we've been overseas. Not even in Australia, no need to get a single Christmas decoration out. So this year it was a novelty when DH and son hauled back a humongous Christmas tree, as if to make up for all those trees we never had over the years. 

I had to admit, it was a beauty, one to admire, until I started sneezing...

I now remember why I prefer the artificial trees; hay fever and the wilt! 

Argh - the smell of all that fresh pine...
It's really no good. The first hot December day, which always comes before Christmas, the tree starts to drop it's needles and look really sad... As happened last Thursday when temperatures in Melbourne reached 40 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit), hotter elsewhere.

So unlike in other families when dressing the tree is a family ritual and everyone gathers round to the oohs and argh's as Christmas tree decorations and ornaments are unwrapped and placed with love on the tree... It went like this in our house.

Me to Kids: Can you dress the tree for me?
Kids:           What????
Me to Kids: I'm doing a blog on our Christmas tree and I want it to look nice       for the rest of the world to see.
Kids:          Do we have to?

So here it is
I probably can procrastinate and give excuses no longer. 
I don't think a drum roll is really necessary, not even a Christmas drum...

I give you our Aussie Christmas Tree, half decorated and already wilted
Happy Christmas!

Aussie Tree - December 2013
Wishing you all a wonderful festive season, 
as we now call in it multi-cultural correct Melbourne 
Whereever you may be celebrating!

With love 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, 
I hope to visit your blog soon.
I love reading all my comments and always take the time to reply.
For those of you who are not on Google +, 
the e-mail button on my blog sidebar reaches me with a private message.

I am linking this post to Mosaic Monday and Wednesday around the World. Thank you to the fabulous hosts. I hope you'll be able to click on the links below to see the brill contributions from around the world - enjoy!

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