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Wren's Wander Sun 9th June and Sat 15th June 10.30-12.30

If feels very fitting for Little Wandering Wren (Australia) to be announcing that if you are in the Wren's Nest, Dudley area (UK) you should try and get along to Wren's Wander this Sunday...
The guided walk is taking place at the Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve. Learn about the geology and industrial history of this internationally renowned Site of Special Scientific Interest. Includes the opportunity to find fossils. All welcome, but children must be accompanied. Suitable footwear recommended. Tour lasts approximately 2 hours. No charge.
People in Dudley may think it's normal to have a nature reserve where virtually every rock they pick up has a fossil on its surface - it's not! Dudley is famous throughout the world for its fossils. It could claim to be the birthplace of the science of palaeontology back in the 19th Century. Whilst they're at it, they also claim to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. It's where Abraham Darby was born. Seven Sisters Caverns are the only example in the world of surface opening limestone caverns. The first industrial steam engine, which pumped water from mines, was installed here, next to the Wren's Nest, before anywhere else in the world.
Further information can be found on the friends of Wren's Nest website click here for all the details.

It sounds like a brilliant walk and I have it on my Bucket List go for a wander at Wren's Nest and find a fossil next time we're back in the UK.
In the meantime it's Queen's Birthday weekend here in Australia and we get Monday off, except if you are a University Student then you may even celebrate with an exam, as is happening in our house. With everyone with their noses in a book studying, we're off to the beach where there is no WIFI to enjoy some good walks and wanderings of our own...
Have Fun!

Little Wandering Wren

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