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Beware of the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

On Monday, our Yoga teacher declared that the Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday would be dominant in a turbulent week ahead. To prepare for this I worked extra hard in class, but still failed to master anything more than a downward dog...I exaggerate, I was probably more like a floppy puppy...

Nevertheless, it was reassuring to learn, that those of us who'd taken time out of our busy week to practise our yoga techniques, would be better wired to cope with the intense period of instability that was coming our way. I'm liking this class already...

....Perhaps the diagram below is not quite reflective of where I would like to be with my yoga...I would prefer my Earth to be closer to my Live...but you get the general idea...and it's hang on tight for the week ahead...

However despite all the potential for doom and disaster, it's been a good week, at least on the sporting front! Emlin won a beer mug (all the champagne glasses had gone) when her mixed doubles team won the Grand Final for Waverley and District Tennis Association B Division Senior Tennis league, Tim did his best ever round of golf, I went to Book Club having actually read the book, Man U won the English Premier League (only important to one person at our house) and we had the day off on Thursday for Anzac Day...

But there was also some other weird stuff going on and as I started telling my friends to beware the full moon on Thursday, everyone had a comment, or a moody friend or family member who was being difficult and even the nurses in hospitals were gearing up for a busy night...
So I did some more research just to check that I hadn't had one sun salutation too many, and came across the following by Elaine Kalantarian. For the full report see the following THE SCORPIO FULL MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE
Agent 111 – Elaine Kalantarian
Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 12:57 pm PDT / 3:57pm EDT / 19:57 UT
Moon and Sun Opposed at 5.51 Scorpio/Taurus
We are headed for the first eclipse of 2013...a show visible over parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
Full Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn opposite Mars
From a vibrational perspective, eclipses disrupt the normal pattern of day and night, and mark intense periods of instability. The week prior to the eclipse and for several days following, we often feel the effects most acutely. The sign in which the eclipse falls indicates the theme and message inherent in this process of recalibration of light, as well as contacts to other planets. While this week’s event is only a partial eclipse, it packs a good punch nevertheless, as the Scorpio Full Moon will conjoin Saturn and oppose Mars — a double opposition of Sun and Moon plus Mars and Saturn.
Saturn often makes things seem worse than they are, and we are in for a rather large dose. So you may already be feeling “Saturn ickiness,” possibly building since late last week. Saturn can really do a number on your self-worth — and doubly so with this Mars-Saturn opposition conjoined the **Scorpio** Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! OY! A lunar eclipse is like a super-hyped Full Moon. Mars-Saturn in particular can bring supremely frustrating obstacles, roadblocks and delays on top of this being the Full Moon — the “emotional high tide” of the month. These are very difficult waves to surf well – it requires the patience, kindness and self-restraint of a saint. Try to remember you are not the sum total of your screw-ups and failures. You are loved no matter what, even if it is only your dog who makes this obvious. So be especially patient with yourself and others, a little love and kindness will go a long, long way this week.

Well I was kind of wary of even leaving the house this week after reading this, until I remembered there was nothing wrong with my chakras, my wiring had been fixed and after a large Ommmmmmmmmmm, off I went to brave the week...

In the end after a big build up, it was a cloudy night and our moon was a little shy. When she did appear behind the clouds she covered our garden in a bright light. Mutt went out and raced around, barking madly which we normally put down to the possums but now we are not so sure...!!

So it was good to get back to yoga today, I was looking forward to telling the teacher how my wiring was working, but unfortunately there was a replacement teacher. A grumpy yogic full of Saturn ickiness at that! "Come out from behind the post", she barked at me...ommm I muttered 'Isn't that the whole point of having weird columns in exercise classes, so that you can hide from the teacher...??'
And later in the class "Did I say right over left and twist, or left over right? You're all going different ways...What is wrong with everyone today??....IS anyone listening to me...??"

Ummm she has obviously got her full moon knickers in a twist about something, she should have come to Mondays class!!


Little Wandering Wren

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