Friday, 23 November 2012


Day 56 : 28 hours in Amsterdam...
Sooo what did we get up to in our 28 hours in Amsterdam?! Well we had a wonderful time with no set agenda other than to catch up, enjoy each other's company and wander around...The special thing about exploring a city with a girlfriend, is that every time we saw a place that we fancied looking in, we could!

We made our own walking tour, not one where we hit the popular tourist sights but one where we could explore the back streets and markets.... We had a brilliant time just following the canals and seeing where we ended up!

Cat barge on canal - home for all the rescue cats in Amsterdam
Every time we needed to stop, recover and warm up there was an inviting bakery tempting us in.... No wonder those ladies with the red lights are so tubby...!

For both dinners we went Spanish enjoying Tapas on the first night at Tasca Bellota.( Herenstraat 22, 1015 CB) The sangria and the tapas of chorizo picante, octopussalade etc were a perfect sharing meal. The second night we found our restaurant on the Singel, these lovely candles attracting us in....

After a perfect day in Amsterdam and our bags heavier than when we started, we took a late evening train to Appeldoorn, one hour out of the city....

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Little Wandering Wren

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