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It's a funny old world!

Welcome to Racha Island

Hello everyone and greetings from Phuket, Thailand


Thailand where we have now reopened the country and are ready to welcome international fully vaccinated arrivals without quarantine to our beautiful island. 

For all the details check out Phuket Sandbox: Would you, should you, could you? 

This month another southern island Koh Samui followed along. There are slightly different arrangements with guests to stay within their arrival hotel for three days before supplying a negative Covid test. This gives freedom to roam the island, after 7 days, visitors can also visit the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

For all the details check out: Welcome back to Thailand via Koh Samui plus

All this as Thailand records the highest Covid numbers and death rates ever recorded and stricter measures have been released across the worst affected Provinces. 

There is a plan for more of the country to open and the idea was for Thailand to fully reopen to vaccinated arrivals by October 2021, this is under reconsideration in light of the Delta variant.


Meanwhile, my family in the UK where there have been over 40,000 Covid cases a day have celebrated Freedom Day, as it was called when all lockdown restrictions were removed.  All masks, well there seems to be some backtracking, most masks are off. 

Did you see the numbers at the Silverstone British Grand Prix?  Where over 140,000 people gathered together to see Lewis Hamilton win (or steal depending on how you viewed that shunt on Copse Corner) the British Grand Prix. Again crowds are exciting, or a worry depending on your view and vaccination status. What do you think? I'm in the we've got to start somewhere camp.


Back in Melbourne Australia my daughter with a British Passport and a permanent job transfer was denied travel exemption to leave Australia which meant she was not eligible to receive a vaccine as they are in short supply for her age group. Luckily this has now been resolved...

Across the way, sure as eggs is eggs, the sports-loving nation of Australia had no problems authorising its athlete's permission to travel to compete at the Olympics.  Who's enjoying the games? We were looking forward to having something to watch on the TV but unfortunatelty have found zero Olympics on any TV we've seen, even in post hotels! 

We were sorry about Ash Barty crashing out of the tennis but glad we watched her Wimbledon Grand Final Win - oh bless go, Ash!

See Wonderful Wimbledon


I digress back to Japan which I have a real soft spot for as my last big overseas adventure was to the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo in October 2019. We went to see a match that never happened due to Typhoon Hagibis. Thinking about it the world was a bit shaky then...


Of course, if you are American and despite your numbers increasing, I'm seeing my beautiful US friends seizing the day and even from Thailand nipping home for a family hug and a vaccine. Or if you are in the Middle East enjoying holidays in Kenya (hello Libby  - you Guys are the best at making Covid look easy)


One of the biggest crowds of holidaymakers in Phuket at the moment are those from the Middle East. Yesterday I did a yoga class with a lady from Bahrein, today a stretch class with Ali from Qatar. All here for one week's holidays with their families.


Or you are in Thailand whilst brings me full circle to the lovely American's I'm meeting in Phuket who are pioneers in Thai travel and have been welcomed in our small island and enjoying a brilliant holiday.

If you are planning to come to Phuket check this out: How to find a Phuket Sandbox SHA + Hotel you will love 

Loved this island stay here: The carefree days at The Naka Island resort 

YOUTUBE: Little Wandering Wren 

I have taken the first small steps into the YouTube world and I am trying to grow my followers, so if you have a Youtube account, I'd love you to follow along. If you have time would you check out my video(s) and let me know what you think. 

Should I keep going with learning YouTube? 

Well, I think that will do for now, this is a bit of a test to see who will find me now I am no longer arriving in your inbox. You can follow along via Blog-lovin' Or even better subscribe to my main Little Wandering Wren blog as long as you don't mind endless photos of gorgeous beaches from here in Thailand.

I hope where ever you are in the world you are having a lovely day.

Bye for now!

Linking with thanks to Mosaic Monday and Our World Tuesday


eileeninmd said…
Hello, Wren

It is good to see places opening, we do need to get back to some kind of normal. It may never be the normal we remember. So many people are refusing to get the vaccine, which is dangerous with this Delta Variant. Your photos of Phuket are beautiful, I would love to visit there some day. Have a great day and week ahead!
Jeanie said…
Oh, I'm so glad your daughter's travel got straightened out. and I hope she can get her vaccine and all right away. I read about numbers in Thailand and all I can say is that I hope your heavenly island can keep out the unvaccinated! Numbers are beginning to kick up here again. I wish we would implement stronger mandates but Michigan will never allow it (they already stripped our governor of her emergency powers to mandate such a thing). My heart goes out to everyone all over the world doing their best to stay well and safe.

LOved each and every photo. I will find your youtube account!
Margaret D said…
Trust your daughter will get to England eventually after having her jabs.
France I believe earlier held onto to the vaccine for their country instead of letting Australia have their share - something like that from my memory.
Countries do have to open up eventually as they all can't stay locked up for a very long time, but time will tell on that.
No Covid cases on this Island for many many days at this point in time, but of course that can change in a flash.
Your video is lovely so keep it up in my opinion.
Take care.
Sami said…
Glad to hear Thailand is opening up to vaccinated tourists. These poorer countries who rely on tourism have taken quite a beating!
Europe is opening up all over. My daughter who is now living in Germany just flew to Portugal last week, so did my niece from Angola, and my niece from the States will arrive Friday. Then the whole family will go south to the Algarve for a wonderful beach holiday. Sadly I can't join them and who knows when Australia will open up and let us out or let tourists in? So many people still not wanting to be vaccinated. At the clinic where I work a lot of elderly people wanting the Pfizzer instead of the Astra zeneca, not thinking that if we in Perth get a similar outbreak to Sydney they might die before they are eligible for the Pfizzer! Others say "we are not travelling, so it's ok"! Not ok either, as no one else will be allowed to travel in or out if at least 70% aren't vaccinated!! It makes me so mad, grrr. I've just received my second AZ dose today, so ready to go :)
Hope your daughter is able to leave to the UK soon.
I love to see all your beautiful photos of your hotel stays on Instagram. Keep well Wren :)
Cynthia said…
What a lovely place in your first YouTube video. Wonderful views from everywhere inside, and that pool — I would never leave. Nice to hear the real voice of the Wandering Wren as well!
Gattina said…
That's good for tourists (and Thailand) that you can travel again ! This year I don't think that I am being able to travel maybe to Egypt in November. Mr. G is finally out of hospital after 4 months ! And as I can't take hgim back home, I found a very nice retirement home for him in Braine l'Alleud not far from our apartment. Since he is there he made a lot of progress. Otherwise it's cold and humid and you certainly have seen the catastrophes ub tn the South of Belgium ! Fortunately we are sitting on the Lion's hill !
Very nice photographs and video.

All the best Jan
I hope we can get through this and be able to travel more freely. We took a road trip here and it went fine. The only difference were many of the restaurants only had drive through or pick up service. But that worked out for us. Love you beautiful photos of places I would love to visit!
Nancy Chan said…
It was announced that some forms of restriction have been relaxed for those who have been fully vaccinated. The cases here are towering around 20k even though more people are getting vaccinated. In a way, travelers help to build up the economy.
Oh wow - I would so enjoy a glass of wine beneath that wonderful tent! I don't even LIKE wine but I know I'd enjoy it in those surroundings.
I really do think much of the world is reopening far too soon for comfort...the new variants are definitely a large concern. It's a fine balancing act for the governments to try to keep people safe but also to make sure that businesses survive. Luckily I'm happy being a homebody so have no desire to be out in public any more than I absolutely have too. Fully vaccinated but intend to keep wearing masks for a very long time yet. Take care of you!
Sharon Wagner said…
Good luck with youtube. I hope to be able to promote a book there someday!
Anonymous said…
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Gattina said…
I can't find a more recent post, meanwhile we are nearly mid September Belgium now is getting back to normal and you can get vaccinated nearly everywhere even in buses ! I am so fed up my life has changed completely. With the sale of our house the lockdown and then Mr. G' Parkinson was a lot for one vintage person. It's very unlikely that I will ever see Phuket or the other countries you mentioned except of course the UK. We didn't have a summer here neither ! Remember Waterloo's park ? I am just living now nearby in the middle of the town For Mr. G I had to find a retirement home because he needs medical survey but he likes it very much there now.
Hello little wandering Wren. Great to "see" you again. I don't think we will be travelling anywhere soon. Internationally definitely not, and even within Australia I am hesitant, and even though we have been fully vaccinated for several months I don't like being in crowds. Australia has been so slow in the uptake of vaccination, mainly because I think of the fear of blood clots. It is hard for me to fathom that here in West Australia people are even slower to get do they think we are immune? I shudder when I see the numbers of infections overseas and yet they are opening up their countries. Troubling times indeed. Stay safe, enjoy your weekend ahead, and thank you so much for visiting my blog this week.
Angie said…
Wren - my husband, son, daughter and the daughter's boyfriend are all vaccinated. So, we have begun traveling again. We wear masks in certain indoor venues, and we choose carefully where we go. Our next trip is to New Mexico with the whole family, and in late October my husband and I will go to the UK to visit his parents (it has been two years since we have been there). Fingers crossed nothing will change those plans!

Enjoyed your lovely photos, as always!
How wonderful to find your blog! Thank you for commenting on mine. What a dream it would be to go to Thailand! I think I must sign up for one of your virtual trips, if you're still doing it. Hopping over to your other blog now!
Tom said…
...a beautiful destinate, but I won't be travelling far from home for awhile.
Thanks for stopping by to comment on my garden weed post. So many places are starting to reopen. It feels good and scary at the same time. Canada will soon be open to international visitors who are fully vaccinated and Covid negative on a test. - Margy
DeniseinVA said…
Oh my, what a gorgeous, gorgeous place and enjoyed your video. Think you should do more! I have been listening to my husband for years telling me how beautiful Thailand is and he has such a great liking for the people there. Warm and friendly! Glad your daughter sorted things out for traveling. I think we are going to have to live with this awful virus for a long time to come, and are getting our booster shots this week. Thank you for another great post. You are a great ambassador for Thailand.
Rajani Rehana said…
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I saw a comment here a few weeks ago about Dr Akhere and i decided to contact him as instructed, thanks to this man for bringing joy to me as wished for. i followed instructions which he gave in other to get my lover back who left me and the kids for 3years now, but thanks to Dr Akhere because they are back to me now for good and we are happy together. please do contact him for help too if in relationship problem via email at: or call/whatsapp:+2349057261346 . And testify for yourself.
DeniseinVA said…
Marvelous post, loved the photos and was very interested in all the info. Whatever our thoughts on this whole mind perplexing scenario, I do wish you, your family and all our blogging friends around the world A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!
Rostrose said…
Hello Wren,
you left me nice December-greetings in my blog - thank you for it! Today I'm here to wish you a wonderful 2022 - hopefully with a Covid-situation which is becoming better and better.
Thailand is a beautiful country, we have been there in 2018, but not in Phuket.
All the best, good luck, joy and health in 2022! 🍀🥂😘
Sharon Wagner said…
I plan to do a youtube trailer when my book is published. Good luck with your foray. I sure hope we test negative, so we can get back into America next week. Happy wanderings!
Tom said…
..beautiful, but today the world isn't so funny.
stardust said…
Thanks for leaving a comment on my latest post. My worries for COVID were blown away by the recent ugly incidence. Take care.

EricaSta said…
Thank you for your nice comment ... I enjoyed this post here, because we have good friends there in Thailand. We hope we can visit one day this fantastisc country, meet our friends again. We will see.

Happy MosaicMonday

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