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Bird and the Bees Bangkok

Sawadee Bee Mai and Happy New Year from a busy Bangkok.  This weekend was Songkran. The roads are full of cars crawling out of the city as people head off to the Provinces to celebrate Thai New Year with their families. This mass exodus means that almost half the population of Bangkok leave town. Bangkok, however, is never quiet, as it’s a popular time of year for tourists to enjoy the Songkran water festival. We are all dressed in our best brightest shirts and I'm sure we will be off to 'play water' as the World’s biggest water fight kicks-off all over the country.   April is our hottest month here in Thailand, so being drenched is not all bad… We’re in Phuket, a beach playground which is always lively at the best of times, unless you know the secret spots. I was interested to see how wet and wild things are here. I need not have worried, in Bangkok, the organised public Songkran spaces have been reduced, whilst the country prepares for the King'

Bonjour from Paris!

Hello everyone, I'm glad I've caught you.  How is your week going? We're doing fine, I'm having a lovely time in Paris in the Spring. I have just finished a pilates class in French! Woo hoo for still being able to find my toes and vaguely keeping up. I managed to carry it off until the end of the class when I thanked the instructor and she said in a loud voice: 'Argh, Vous êtes Anglais?' At which point I firmly replied in my very best  français : ' Non, Je Suis Australienne' I mean who the bloody 'ell would admit to being English at the moment? Pardon my French! This all takes me back to my days living in Belgium when I lived my daily life muddling through, only getting half of was said.  Nothing has changed. I am here pouring over the French newspapers, it is slightly more fun enjoying the Brexit news in French. However in English or French, it is a sad state of affairs.  And no, to all my friends back in