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A extraordinary education… the greatest gift

It's been a big week in our house as University is out, roll on Summer! Our kids have had a privileged, global education. For this we will be forever grateful. It is put in context through my work with refugees and people seeking asylum with no work or study rights. Education is truly a gift. We weren't sure Daughter Number Two would ever make it through school, let alone graduate with two degrees. You see she was expelled from her first school after only ten days. This week she graduates from the University of Melbourne  with a Masters degree. Melbourne University - Open Day. She's been to a few schools, way more than you can count on two hands, her education has been conducted on six continents. In her first twenty years of life, she had the opportunity to learn French at schools in Belgium and France, pick up Chinese in Hong Kong and to even get a smattering of Spanish in South America. She chose the International Baccalaureate at school in Australia and we

Meanwhile out on the Bay!

I'd like to say I've had a lifetime messing about in boats, but I haven't. So it sure was nice having Steve Ross, of Riptide Charters to design our perfect boating escape on the Mornington Peninsula.  Blairgowrie Marina - Photo credit S Johnson We weren't asking for much. I have international visitors staying, so the brief was to take us out for a few hours, show us some sights, a bit of wildlife and a few dolphins!  What we got, was an unforgettable morning cruising on the stunning Port Phillip Bay. We loved the history, the birds and seals galore, with the opportunity to take some great photos! The Blairgowrie Marina is a great place to start and play that game "when I'm rich and famous I'll buy that yacht there", and oh, how the other half live, as our own private chartered boat is ready and waiting. We clamber aboard and off we sail.  RipTide Charters vessel Photo credit S Johnson First stop is the picturesque

We have to talk!

So what would you do when your husband comes home from work with a question?  "Singapore or Bangkok, do you have a preference?!" a. Respond with an empathic "not on your Nelly, I love living in Melbourne!" b. Ask for a look-see to make an informed decision. c. Whoop, whoop around the kitchen dancing to the tunes of "Happy' and/or "I will survive" So here I am living in the world's most liveable city, Melbourne, with the most amazing (and part-time work) in the rewarding not-for-profit sector being asked to make a life changing decision... What would you say?