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Racehorse World - when coming second is a winner

It's the first race of the season and Geez Louise, how exciting to be at Moonee Valley... ...we rather like it here!   Moonee Valley Racing Club is one of four Melbourne metropolitan racetracks. ( Woo hoo pinching ourselves! The aim was to have a share in a horse that could run in the city. Here we are rocking up to our third Melbourne racecourse, having watched our Little Miss Hussy win as a two year old at Sandown and Caulfield .) We arrive to be waved into an owners car parking space in the middle of the course. From here, it's a short totter, for those in heels, up a surprisingly grand entrance, lined with huge galloping winners into Members. I mean let's be honest Valley (as the locals call it) does not have the cachet as Flemington or Caulfield, but we love how easy everything is here, plus the staff are super friendly...   The lady at the Raceday Office tells us, 'Oh yes, we already have quite a few owners for your horse... Here are

Happy Blue Melbourne Monday

A happy Blue (Melbourne) Monday to everyone... Happy Blue skies on Monday It's a beautiful (Spring is just around the corner) day here in Melbourne, 19 degrees Celsius with a bright blue sky. Having lived through many grey days in Brussels and many hazy, polluted days in Hong Kong, I don't think I will ever tire of the light Down Under. Everything looks better against a backdrop of blue skies, don't you think? Little Wandering Wren loves travel If you have just landed on my blog, you will find I love to travel. We have spent the last twenty years enjoying life as an expat in Europe, Australia and Asia. For now we are enjoying being in Australia as locals, I have my Aussie citizenship to prove it! An Aussie life of course involves the beach! Here is one of my favourite blue beach photos from our recent trip to Queensland.. Little Wandering Wren in Queensland Last year I travelled for 100 days. My blog was started to share my trip with family and fr

Brighten your day with Lemon Curd & No bake Lemon Tart

Lemon curd,  is called Lemon Spread or Lemon Butter in Australia   A real Aussie variant is Passionfruit Butter with, you've guessed it Passionfruits! However we are not that in love with Passionfruits so we stick to  our British family recipe handed down by my Mum...delicious on crumpets.   Fresh lemons from the garden We're not that much into cooking in our house. Eating yes, that's a completely different thing.   We don't have an allotment or a veggie patch in the garden, but we can boast of an abundance of lemons!   My neighbour told me we have the street's gin and tonic (lemon) trees, the previous owners were always very hospitable and generous handing out lemons to the whole street.   Gin and tonic is not so much in vogue now and with our ever increasing bounty, Lemon Curd production is in full swing...   Gently melt the sugar, butter & lemons Last weekend the Lemon Curd became a no cook Lemon Pie, when we were enterta

Cranbourne Barrier Trial - no trial, no barrier for Little Miss Hussy

It's shoes on, let's go!  As our Little Miss Hussey returns to work for the first Barrier Trial since her recent hols... Following her last run at Morphettville , our Miss Hussy has been on her hols. It was always going to be just a quick spell enjoying some rich grazing, winter sun on her back, and a well earned rest. Time and preparation for the Caulfield Spring Racing Carnival doesn't allow for any more than a three week break at this stage. Our lass has a big schedule ahead of her, but if all goes to plan, she'll get a longer break over the summer months before the autumn racing season.   Barrier Trial at Cranbourne Training Complex There is no doubt we are an extremely keen and interested group of owners. There can't be many other horses present with such a big fan club at a barrier trial. Today we have come from all over Melbourne, to catch up on her news, to see how she has developed over winter and to watch her in action... For less than a

Our Australian Winter Garden...

We are in the midst of winter. Look around... You will not see many signs of life... The Last Rose of Summer has long gone... It has been a strange winter. The other week Melbourne had the hottest July day on record, then the coldest weekend in 13 years! The garden doesn't really know whether it is coming or going... Some plants are optimistically showing signs of budding, Others are steadfastly ignoring the freak warm weather. All have enjoyed the extra rain! A purple native hibiscus We have always been attracted to houses with well loved gardens. Those gardens where it takes a whole year to really get to know what's there. Each season bringing new surprises, as a previously unspotted plant burst into life. Our Melbourne garden, has been well cherished over the years, it is one of the great joys of the house. If you hunt around hard enough there is always something interesting to admire, even in winter! We have a brilliant gardener, o