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ちらし寿司 Chirashi-Sushi Question: So what do you say  when your lovely Japanese Home stay guests  ask  whether they can make some Japanese food for dinner? Answer:  Yes please, let me get you some chopsticks! Here is the recipe for their dinner of choice:   Chirashi-Sushi I love sushi,  it is my favourite Japanese food,  but I had never heard of chirashi-sushi. There are many types of sushi,  the most famous Japanese dish. Chirashi-sushi is perhaps the most popular type of sushi  served in Japanese homes. I asked our Japanese home stay students to write out the recipe  for us and here is what they wrote. We are still learning English every night This is all their own work, except I helped them with the words 'very quickly'! お米を炊きます。 それを大きなお皿に移します。 お米にキットを入れます。 お米を素早く冷まします。 そこに卵とアボガド、ゴマと海苔のキットを入れます。 I cook rice. I open it to big dish. Put on kit in rice. Cool rice with uchiwa fan very quickly. Serve with an e

Decision made - the dog wins (again)

We've had some big decisions to make recently  which have involved new job offers in Asia. This would have our family spread over four continents this year! We have one daughter studying in America,  Another just leaving for a volunteer project in Africa,  My son and I need to stay in Australia whilst he finishes school  and Mr Wren potentially disappearing off to Asia. Roll on my yoga retreat to Bali in May, that's all I can say. Ohmmmmmmm...  However, there is just one small problem Now own up?  Which one of you reported us to the RSPCA  on account of potentially abandoning a dog?? Last weekend's post Doggie Dilemma    was all about the Crazy Poodle. A little timid ball of Cavoodle fluff  who is adored by all,  except maybe cats and possums  and likes nothing better than to chase flies on the beach or be curled up at our feet.  What would we do with the dog if we move to Asia? Mutt loved your comments last week. Thank you!  He has

Ni Hao from Xiamen

Here we go again..... Off to explore the delights of Xiamen, China... and whether we would like to live there. Will we get a new Chinese front door? Decisions, Decisions (part 1)... Xiamen is considered a second-tier Industrial city in China but first impressions are of water and greenery. We have 36 hours to make a decision about whether we will move there. This would be considered a tough Ex-pat move (well that's what I say!) but it's not exactly a hardship posting. We have moved many times, with five international moves under our belts. However, compared with the easier options of Hong Kong, Singapore or even Beijing or Shanghai, with greater numbers of foreigners, and a country club lifestyle, not to mention English speaking domestic help, it would be...  Well, let's just use the word exciting! Piano Island - Xiamen Xiamen Island is located on the south-east coast of China, across from Taiwan and not far from Senkaku Islands that Ch