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Hello from my corner of the world

Hello, hello how are we all doing? I am sorry that I have been absent around here for so long. I can't really think of any excuses except for a certain global pandemic, which remains a distraction in our daily lives here in Thailand. Still, I am pleased you can join me today as I bring you up to date for some good, random, Friday bliss and fun from Phuket.We are fine. 

Like many of our neighbours in South East Asia, our Covid-19 situation here in Thailand had deteriorated over recent weeks. However, with strict measures in place to curtail the rise in cases, we are all hopeful for the arrival of the first international visitors into Phuket from July 1st. 

We came to the island of Phuket in Southern Thailand for our Christmas holidays, and have remained largely based here ever since, as many Bangkok offices have requested home working.

Phuket has been a blessed stay and we feel so fortunate to be here. I've written about this more here: Working from the beach, (WFB) the Thailand much-needed revolution

I have loved being in Phuket and have been busy whilst in isolation, mostly writing away. We are generally able to walk each day on the beach which is such a boost for morale. Especially now, as we are finding it pretty hard not being able to see our family in the UK nor Australia for so long. 

This was the view on our beach last night, love the pretty skies and reflections which do wonders for the soul.


As some of you may know, since February 2020 I started staycationing to support the local hotel industry and share ideas for domestic travel in Thailand. As of today, I have stayed in over 100 hotels and resorts in Thailand. Whilst we have been unable to leave Thailand, I have really enjoyed travel in my own backyard in this way. 

If you would like some lovely escapism, then stop by at my Little Wandering Wren travel blog here to say hello and I will choose you a #VirtualThailand Staycation. It's been lots of fun selecting my favourite hotels and resorts to share with my blogging friends. We know each other pretty well over the years, so hopefully, I have chosen well. Come join in the fun!

In May whilst my Thailand staycations were on pause as we were requested to stay home, I joined an Instagram challenge called #mayonthemove2021
As a result of this, I wrote a blog post called Expat Life in Thailand and included many of the pearls of wisdom from other participants. The challenge prompts take us from our Backstory to Mental Health, to our Next Chapters amongst others. 

If you are interested to know what its like living as an Expat in Thailand check this out here.

Last September as Thailand was reopening I joined other bloggers on a experiential trip to the Amazon of Thailand. You can read more about it here at Lock, stock and one red hot smoking Barrow, the story of this trip.

Sunset in Phuket

Finally, I'll leave you with these lovely photos from our local beach here in Phuket and hoping that where ever you are in the world you're having a lovely day!

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Jeanie said…
I'm so glad you were able to stay and work from Phuket rather than return to the city. It certainly looks beautiful and it sounds like you are making the very most of this beautiful spot with your writing and work. The photos are fabulous!
eileeninmd said…
I enjoy reading about your travels and adventures.
Thailand is a beautiful country. You are able to work from a lovely place.
The beach/sky scene is gorgeous. All your photos all lovely.
Have a great weekend!
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
I like the concept of working from the beach or "WFB" except I am now retired.

Love the photos especially the reflection on the beach.
Just love to see your beautiful photographs.
Stay well, my good wishes.

All the best Jan
Wow, what a beautiful place to live and work. I personally would be spending a lot of time at the beach!!
Greetings and Salutations! My goodness! Working at home and at the beach it has to be heaven almost. Lovely place you live. Take care.
Tom said…'s great that you are fine, the scenery sure should help!
Margaret D said…
Pleased you are ok.
Lovely setting there and to be able to walk along the beach each day is certainly a blessing as so many people would want to do that and can't...good on you.
Take care.
Rajani Rehana said…
Please read my post
Nancy Chan said…
It is wonderful that you are staying in Phuket. Beautiful beaches and sea views for you to enjoy. So much better than being cooped up in the house. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos from your corner of the world.
Crimson Kettle said…
Sending best wishes and congratulations on your 100th stay! What a funny old time we've been having but I've enjoyed all your colourful posts whilst staying local. x
Gattina said…
You have really been lucky to stay in a "lockdown" paradise ! I mean besides we couldn't see son and family we were in a golden cage too. Now unfortunately everything has changed for me, Mr. G had been diagnosed Parkinson unfortunately the brain and is since 3 month in hospital. The first month I wasn't allowed to see him due to the Corona visits, even young mothers couldn't see their toddlers ! Then when he was transfered to Wavre in a rehabilitation clinic I was allowed to see him 2 h on Sundays.
Now he is ba&ck to hospital again. So for me I can't travel anyway lockdown or not, I got my first injection.
thomas said…
Stunning sky shots of a truly beautiful place
Coastal Ripples said…
Lovely to see photos from such an idyllic part of the world. Being near the sea certainly does help during these stressful times. B x
DeniseinVA said…
It looks like Paradise. My husband has been to Pattaya Beach and Bangkok and he said it is a most beautiful part of the world. I enjoyed this very much, thank you :)
mvmaithai said…
Hi Jenny!
Glad to hear from you on this site, where I'm linked to. It sure has been a while, and I haven't done much writing myself :-(

You're lucky to WFB in Phuket. With no tourist around, you have the beach to yourself! You'll never see that again, as soon as things open up, and I hope soon, as Thailand's main industry is tourism.

Take care and stay safe!
So fun to read about your adventures and to see the beautiful pictures of your little spot of the world. Being able to work in such surroundings is a blessing (and I know I wouldn't be getting much done because the view would distract me!). Stay safe.
Janice said…
Hope you are staying safe as you have entered into a more closed down state. Not quite half of the residents of our local area have the vaccinations. That has not stopped the governor from fully opening the state. We have our shots so do venture our a bit more than previous months. A pen pal in India is in complete shut down. Take care and stay safe. Peace, Janice
You really do live in a gorgeous part of the world, my friend.
love all the beach photos. are you an aussie?
carol l mckenna said…
How blessed to work from the beach ~ and traveling 'in your own backyard' can be quite wonderful ~ gorgeous photos ~ Xo ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

Live in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Hello friend!!.. Beautiful pictures.. I wish you a happy summer... Take care...
Sharon Wagner said…
Thailand is on my bucket list. Beautiful, dreamy photos.

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