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Flying the flag for Australia

Dami Im wins the Eurovision frock contest!

There's none so funny as life itself...

Within weeks of Britain voting on whether it wants to remain in the European Union, Australia it appears, quietly snuck in through the backdoor.

And with a massive 12 points all round 
Our Sunrise breakfast TV was calling it as a 
'Dami Im victoryin Eurovision2016...
That was until the popular vote came in.

At the point of 'By Jove, I think she's done it'
Dami was interviewed and asked what she would do if or when she won?
Her reply, that she would 'have a lemonade' with her support crew,
had us all Down Under rushing to the morning-after-the-night-before fridge 
to see if by chance we had any lemonade to celebrate with her - fat chance!

Put the Aussie flag up we've won Eurovision .... no take it down!
For those in the know, The Eurovision Song contest
it has been around for 60 plus years. 
It is the European singing competition featuring
 a great deal of mickey taking, some outrageous backing singers, 
some highly questionable outfits and maybe even a fiddle or two.

It was one of the most important days on the drinking calendar....

Look okay in Australia, we are as bemused as anyone,
 as to how we should get into Eurovision? For the second time, no less!
Let alone be on the cusp of winning the thing. 
Australians were not brought up on the Terry Wogan jokes 
and his 'nul point' quips.' We were as the hashtags proudly pronounce are #inittowinit!

If you were watching Eurovision tonight you would have seen
Dami Im our  ex X-Factor winner belting out with gusto her 
'Sound of Silence' song 
Our beautiful songstress in that frock that she couldn't move in.

Back in Australia we're waking to the breaking news!
We cut to the 8am newsheadlines and the big announcement that Dami Im
has lost out in the popular vote. What?????
Where were the BoatyMcBoatface voters when we needed them?

Oh, of course, they were off their faces 
having had one too many in the drinking games...

So we last see Dami, sobbing into her frock
'I don't understand what happened?' she says.

Ermm welcome to Eurovision2016 Dami.
The tradition continues...
Linking with Our World Tuesday
My Sunday Photo - thanks to all the hosts


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