Monday, 28 September 2015

Planes, trains and automobiles ... and Uber!

Dear Blog...

I'm sorry I've not been paying you much attention, I've been busy! 

I've thrown out my soy decaf cappuccino days 

and life of computing, 
for a double espresso and life of commuting.

Thank you for all your letters of concern regarding my work induced
It's clearing up nicely thank you!

It's a bloomin' good job that my return to Australia last month
saw me like some Whirling Dervish domestic goddess
It's not like that now, and again we've run out of milk!

Those first few weeks back from trialling Mr Wren's retirement plan 
of enjoying European summers, 
I called it market research, 
he calls it  'swanning off round the world', were flat out!

If you look carefully you can see our blue Metro trains!
Everything that could be fixed and mended was,
 even the dog, who to be fair, did have an ear infection!
 He carries on like such a pork chop when we take him to the vets, 
wagging his tail at the receptionist but trembling, shaking...

Anyone would think I'd just said 'can you put him down', 
rather than 'can you check his ears?'.

Poor love, he knows that when ever they check anything, they seem to put a thermometer up his jacksy, and he howls, the indignity...

Luckily we took him to the beach this weekend to help him forget!

So back to me as a Domestic Goodess:
 cleaning, washing, repairing everything!! 

It was so short lived, we have to remember...

First it was the car. 
Ermm, it appears I shouldn't have been so snotty about the length of time they took to get the parts for my "emergency" recall, as at the service they found I had some bald'ish tyres, brakes needing attention, 
and a contaminated air conditioning filter.


It's so boring spending money on cars...

I have always preferred the worst car in the school car park 

... but a nice holiday in the diary!

I do need to have a car that works at the mo, 
as we've been in the middle of on-off industrial action on our transport network. We are lucky in Melbourne to have many options for public transport;
 trains, buses, trams. 

The transport strike meant I worked from home. 
Woah that was a really relaxing day, I got a lot done. 
Not to mention the two hours more in my day without commuting time!

Last week I worked from home too
I went to Hong Kong for a long weekend, so home was my hotel room.

On the way to the Airport, I took my first Uber Taxi.
 I had a lovely chat with the driver & it was a bargain.
Daughter No 1 got up early to help me with my Uber booking,
that way she and I both got a $25 discount.

The biggest commute of the week
was the overnight 'red eye' flight back to Melbourne. 
We landed at 6.30am and was in the office by 8.30am!

Happy Hols!

Thank you to all the lovely hosts, please come along and join in the fun!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Sunday Photo

Spring is in the air
This weekend we took a trip to the Mornington Peninsula
Gotta love the beaches there before the summer crowds arrive
Just us and the waves...

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

When two worlds collide...

'Everybody's looking for a new horizon 

Everybody wants to leave the world behind them'

Delta Goodrem Wings

Footscray street art
I’ve been running on adrenalin, limited sleep, and a load of beautiful Ethiopian coffee from the Addis coffee shop, next to our Centre. I’ve got a rash, itchy like a million mossie bites across my body. It’s some allergic reaction. I’ve been overdosing on chick peas and ha, I wonder if that’s the cause?! 

We get free lunches and dinners at work, a bunch of amazing volunteers collect donated food from around Melbourne and cook up a feast. On Wednesday nights when we work till 8pm, our Members cook for everyone. Our Members are Asylum Seekers. 

I’ve been eating a lot of chick peas! I’ve been doing a lot of work :)

'Everybody's looking for a new horizon
Everybody's looking for a second chance' 

I now work in the not-for-profit sector. After years of working in a corporate environment, and many more as a stay at home Mum, albeit one who has always given freely of my time to volunteer in a variety of roles, this job landed in my lap. 

Initially it was for 8 days in August. I was a struggling to find eight free days in my busy agenda. Having just returned from my overseas trip, life was busy with catch up appointments, the car to be serviced, yoga, the dentist, pilates, the dog needed a trip to the groomers, coffee with friends…. 

I found eight days.

I worked one day: 
Can you work until the end of the year?!' 
 I had trips to New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and Sydney all lined up.
Of course, of course' …

So I have been nudged back into the world of work. Mr Wren is pleased. For years he’s talked about me going back to work … 

‘If you could just earn enough for the holidays’ he used to say…. 
No I’m busy! I’ve got yoga and pilates and….’

If truth be known, I have loved my volunteering. It was my way of giving back in the world, with no strings attached. Whether it was at the school, or at the soccer club, or with Asylum Seekers, having no employment contact gave me options. Like my time is my own. I can travel with my husband, I can disappear back to Europe to see my family for three months… I am free. 

I wasn’t sure I wanted paid work, I was happy being one of over 1000 volunteers who support in our organisation, who turn up week in, week out for the joy of making a difference, oh and the lunch is good too! Paid work for me is a tie, it takes away my flexibility as Little Wandering Wren. It means I can’t have wings.

The contrast with our Members lives is not lost on me. Not everyone seeking asylum gets work rights, some are living with no work rights, no study rights, no Medicare rights. Work for Asylum Seekers is not a tie, it gives them options, it means they can fly.

'Everybody's wishing they could take a stand
Everybody's looking for a second chance...'

There’s a song by Delta Goodrem at the moment. It is a love song. It talks about two worlds colliding. I often think about how I ended up my world colliding with those of those seeking asylum. 

The great wanderer who is constantly on the look out to travel, and for change, and those who are striving for stability, to stay put. 

The majority of my friends will never have met an Asylum Seeker. Everyone has an opinion, a view. I am in the thick of it…

'What if I lose my self control

What if I choose to let it go

I want to let you and me collide

Baby these wings were made

These wings were made to fly, la la la

Fly, la la la

Fly, la la la'

At my desk, my mobile phone flashes a message: 

‘Mum, we’ve got no bread or milk’

Good, I think!

I text back "welcome to my world"

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Everybody's looking for a new horizon
Everybody wants to leave the world behind them
Everybody's looking for a new horizon
Everybody's looking for a second chance
Everybody's wishing they could take a stand
Everybody's looking for a second chance
What if I lose my self control
What if I choose to let it go
I want to let you and me collide
Baby these wings were made
These wings were made to fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
These wings were made to
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la
Fly, la la la

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Japanese have arrived!

'We three Kings Queens of Orient are
Bearing gifts we travel afar...'

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